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The Best Office Architects in Houston

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Houston, a vibrant metropolis in Texas, is home to a dynamic combination of innovation, ambition, premier amenities, and first-class facilities. It’s no surprise that Houston is a popular destination, with its thriving economy and a strong infrastructure that fosters commercial and technological endeavors. Multiple industries have a deep commitment to the city—their presence, combined with the highest population in the state, many corporations and institutions continue to come to the city to establish or expand their businesses.

Developing the perfect workplace that promotes efficiency and comfort is not an easy task. Our editors have compiled a list of the best office architects in Houston, Texas, to assist clients in their plans. These architects were chosen based for their backgrounds, awards, and areas of expertise.

Michael Hsu Office of Architecture

1906 Ashland Street, Houston, TX 77008

Michael Hsu Office of Architecture believes that design is for everyone. The firm designs spaces that connect people with nature and manifest a sense of wellbeing. Michael Hsu Office of Architecture has a strong sense of materiality and believes in the active collaboration of client, designer and artisan. The spaces designed by the studio engage local, regional and global communities.

Michael Hsu Office of Architecture was founded in 2005 to unite people through design. The firm is a nationally award-winning, fully integrated architecture and interior design practice. Its work is rooted in hospitality and includes a range of project types such as large mixed-use developments, adaptive reuse projects, public realm design, architectural branding, single family homes, hotels, restaurants, workspaces, and bespoke furniture design. Projects can be found throughout Texas and across the country. Michael Hsu Office of Architecture has offices in Austin and Houston and staff representing the firm in Dallas and Denver.

For Montrose Collective the firm designed a mixed-use building that integrates carefully with the neighborhood. A large paseo and open circulation provide layers of interaction for visitors. Curated retail and a public library create a unique offering to the neighborhood. Large patios, ample daylighting, a lush landscape and biophilia present a unique approach to wellness for the building’s office tenants.

Project by Michael Hsu Office of Architecture

The firm has been featured in a wide range of local and national publications including Metropolis, dezeen, Architectural Record, Wallpaper, Texas Architect and Paper City.


6909 Portwest Drive, Houston, TX 77024

From an independent project by a group of friends into what is now one of the leading architectural firms within Texas is Kirksey — a symbol of perseverance and dedication. For over 50 years, the firm continuously refined its mission to provide transformative spaces that help users within its communities. Kirksey also has significant experience and a comprehensive knowledge base, which comes from its long history and dispersed offices throughout the world.

John Kirksey, FAIA, and Wes Good, AIA, are the firm’s principal members and leading architects. Individually, they have great career histories, including developing multiple resource-efficient facilities, leaving positive impacts on their communities, and having backgrounds that include decades of service. Together, they have great chemistry in leading the firm and heading its operations, evident in its flourishing business.

Project by Kirksey

Featured is the Confidential Corporate Headquarters, a massive campus that serves as the headquarters for an energy institution. The project is the result of a remodel of an existing center into an industrialized office space that offers several facilities and amenities for its users. These include a basketball court for recreational activities that promote healthy work environments, a banquet hall for formal gatherings, and conference spaces for meetings and similar affairs, among other office areas for working.

Studio RED Architects

1320 McGowen Street, Houston, TX 77004

Studio RED Architects is an architectural firm that takes pride in delivering the highest quality architecture and most innovative designs for its clients. It’s a client-centric firm that pursues client satisfaction above all else. The firm delivers excellent results by providing hands-on supervision and involvement from its principal members. The firm can point to a long list of satisfied and loyal clients that have left positive testimonials regarding the firm’s efforts. Studio RED Architects also provides a portfolio that contains several projects for various clients of different complexities and sizes.

Project by Studio RED Architects

The featured project is Mehta Office Building, a simple yet unique office space that blends its inner and outer areas for a seamless design. This conventional office was designed to have an unenclosed office space to fit the needs of its clients. As a result, the firm was able to minimize the space that separated its interior and the outdoors. The interior design features a comfortable atmosphere due to the appropriate choice of color, materials, and space management.

Powers Brown Architecture

2100 Travis Street, Suite #501, Houston, TX 77002

Powers Brown Architecture is an award-winning firm specializing in architectural services and it has been recognized both locally and internationally. The firm has been in business for 22 years; the firm’s staff of architects and designers has decades’ worth of experience and business. The firm has also branched out into several locations with offices that handle projects in a range of market sectors. Thus, the firm can blend together different practices and styles from different sources to deliver exceptional results.

Over the years, the firm has received accreditations from several organizations, including AIA, IIDA, NAIOP, LEED AP, and USGBC. It has also been featured in various publications such as Realty News Report, Houston Business Journal, and Houston Chronicle.

Project by Powers Brown Architecture

Intermarine Operations Center is an excellent commercial office space designed specifically for ocean transport provision. The firm handled the project by initially scanning the site and developing building plans that optimized the complex. Framework, materials, and overall building configurations were taken into account to provide a multipurpose, convenient, and efficient office center. The resulting establishment has various functionalities with the primary purpose of loading and staging massive vessels and cargo.

Page Southerland Page

1100 Louisiana Street, Suite One, Houston, TX 77002

In business for 123 years, Page Southerland Page has immersed itself in developing its skills and dedication as an architect. For over a century, the firm has continuously seized multiple opportunities that collectively signify its prowess and dedication as a first-rate architectural firm. Today, it still stands strong and continues to push itself to better its craft and passion.

As a full-service architect working in various markets, Page Southerland Page has proved itself as more than capable of handling any project for any client — big or small, simple or complex; the firm can achieve great results for those interested. The resulting projects are practical, efficient, and sustainable as the firm believes in leaving a positive impact on the environment by preserving mother nature and its clients through bold, meaningful spaces.

Project by Page Southerland Page

811 Louisiana is the product of one of the firm’s specialized services — reinvigorating existing structures to find trapped value. The firm understands that aging offices are less likely to be considered over more modern counterparts, so it employs several practices that change the offices into trendier, more functional, and better spaces than their modern competition. 811 Louisiana provides more than just an office renovation; it creates transformations that unlock overlooked, hidden value and surpass modern standards.

Jackson & Ryan Architects

2370 Rice Boulevard, Suite #210, Houston, TX 77005

For Jackson & Ryan Architects, building a trusted relationship with clients and being able to deliver projects that are tailored to their needs are the best rewards in the industry. Despite winning several awards throughout the years and earning a number of notable certifications, the firm values its clients’ happiness above all else. It also focuses on adaptability and flexibility, changing and developing its styles to further accomplish projects that are suited to each client.

Guy Jackson, AIA, and Jeffrey Ryan, AIA, are at the head of the firm as its principal architects. They each have a long history of architectural services and degrees that serve as testaments to their expertise. They have also worked on various projects that span a variety of markets, enabling them to handle a broad range of projects for the firm. Their excellent skills in leadership have led the firm to its success.

Project by Jackson & Ryan Architects

Thermal Energy Corporation is a massive facility for energy provision and water and steam distribution for a nearby medical center—it serves as the world’s largest medical facility. As a power plant, the facility is made with a giant frame to house all necessary pieces of equipment and materials, including a large cylindrical structure that houses over eight million gallons of water and a cuboid center for other functionalities. The firm wanted to stray away from the typical industrialized style of energy centers, so it applied a theme that matched the surrounding buildings’ designs. It also added flood walls that have guarded the center against floods.

Ziegler Cooper Architects

700 Louisiana Street, Suite #350, Houston, TX 77002

Ziegler Cooper Architects is a leading brand in the industry whose prowess is exemplified in its diverse expertise and the strict work principles it has developed. The firm is recognized both regionally and globally. Its values lie in providing transformative spaces that elevate the users’ lifestyles, as is evident in its portfolio. The firm won the Pinnacle Award for Large Firm of the Year and several Golden Trowel Awards for Industrial/Commercial projects, as well the Landmark Multifamily Project Award.

Project by Ziegler Cooper Architects

Featured is 1111 Travis, a significant project designed for one of the country’s largest private production companies. The corporate headquarters is podium style with multiple floors for core office functions and parking areas. It has a towering metal frame enveloped by a glass curtain wall that creates a visually appealing appearance. Its amenities include a reception area on the upper floors, conference rooms for simultaneous meetings, main office areas, a fitness center, and even a Starbucks within the complex.


3131 Briarpark Drive, Suite #200, Houston, TX 77042

PGAL has been celebrated for its meticulous approach and seamless design solutions that are reflective of its excellence and dedication. That approach, combined with the firm’s excellent client service, has enabled the firm to achieve incredible feats measured by recognition and satisfied clients. Thanks to PGAL, clients can rest easy with cost-effective and schedule-convenient project developments that have resulted in a number of long-lasting relationships. During project creation and design, the firm takes a hands-on approach with its core architects team and collaborates with other professionals to provide the best possible results.

Project by PGAL

The contemporary-styled East Aldine District Office Building + Town Center Park is a great example of the firm’s work. With three stories and 24,382 square feet in property size, the structure is built to serve as the district’s community center. It has several amenities and areas that function differently for a range of endeavors: office areas for work productivity, a multipurpose lobby, the main conference area, and an outdoor deck that provides a scenic outlook on the nearby park. A beautiful aspect evident in its design is its use of mixed materials that represent the district’s diverse and inclusive community.

Method Architecture

2118 Lamar Street, Suite #200, Houston, TX 77003

Method Architecture’s small, yet ambitious size as an architectural firm makes it unique. The firm takes a systematic approach that transcends architectural standards. It is a full-service firm that offers the complete set of services that includes planning, programming, budgeting, and consultation services after construction and design. It’s also worth noting that the firm is officially registered and licensed in 27 countries and has loyal clients that will testify on behalf of the firm’s expertise. Its certifications include the AIA, USGBC, LEED AP (Platinum and Gold), and NCARB.

Project by Method Architecture

Common Desk Post Oak is an excellent example of the firm’s accomplished offices. This office is found within a skyrise building in the Galleria district of Houston, Texas. The design includes a nice pop of colors that highlight the choice of materials, furniture, and fixtures. The look is further complemented by the muted and light colors that provide contrast with the color schemes. The result is a workspace that has an energetic and comfortable atmosphere. The space includes private offices for select staff, conference halls for scheduled meetings, and kitchenettes to provide sustenance for employees.

Munoz Albin

224 W 25th Street, Houston, TX 77008

Munoz + Albin is a dependable architectural firm that handles several projects in multiple countries. Its architectural work rests on the bedrock of innovation and competence, and its designs are the result of the company’s ability to adapt to the ever-changing design market. The firm is driven by its passion for developing unique designs and employing effective, professional architecture that has been honed during its 21 years of official service and its 60 years of collective employee experience. The firm provides the most profound care that results in personalized spaces that enhance the users’ experience.

The firm has received several certifications over the past years, including from AIA and LEED AP (with some projects earning LEED Gold and Silver). The firm’s work has been featured in publications such as Houston Chronicle, Texas Architects Magazine, and AIA Houston.

Project by Munoz Albin

CityCentre V is a mixed-use building featuring 16 levels of multifunctional areas. It includes a full-service restaurant found on ground level and several parking spaces in the garage. The design gives the structure a distinct character when viewed from various angles. The masonry on the south side is impressive; the metal frame on the north side is coated with glass. The structure employs the entire site for its identity.

Abel Design Group

777 Post Oak Boulevard, Suite #350, Houston, TX 77056

Multi-award-winning firm, Abel Design Group, is an architect that takes the cake regarding client commitment and partnership. Every project makes sure to put its clients first as it provides seamless services that cater to their needs. Licensed in thirteen states, the firm is a premier architect that has proven time and time again over countless projects worldwide that whatever clients need over different market sectors, it can and will deliver.

Project by Abel Design Group

The firm has earned several notable awards throughout its work history of over two decades. These awards include the Landmark Award, the Pinnacle Award for Small-Sized Firm of the Year, and the Design Excellence Awards. It has also earned accreditations, including AIA, IIDA, NCIDQ, and LEED AP.

Featured is Musket Corporation, an example of a first-rate, modern office space that emphasizes architectural standards. The office comprises two floors of an AIG tower that haven’t been renovated or improved since its construction in the 1980s. That’s why Abel Design Group took it upon themselves to reinvigorate the space into what is now an elegant space. It transformed the then-executive offices into a bright, open area that takes advantage of the high elevation and natural light. The firm also added a stylish spiral staircase that connects the two floors.


712 Main Street, Suite #1200, Houston, TX 77002

HKS is a full-service firm that offers the full set of award-winning architectural assistance. Clients can relax knowing that their projects are in experienced hands that will deliver spaces on schedule and within budget. One of the firm’s most essential components in handling projects is its research team—it combines cutting-edge technology with practical and well-rounded architectural practices. ENR Texas & Louisiana, Bisnow, Dallas News, and The Battalion are several publications that have officially recognized and featured the firm for its reliable performance. The AIA, USGBC, and ACHA are some organizations that have certified it.

Project by HKS

For over 82 years, the firm has executed a multitude of great projects. One is BBVA Compass Plaza, which the firm designed to provide a fresh building that accentuated the theme of its neighboring structures. The building is supported by a metal frame and archways that also double as stylish design signatures. Elevated terraces, conglomerate entryways, and vertical fins were added to distinguish the building as a particular HKS project. The resulting office space earned LEED Gold Certification.


3200 Southwest Freeway, Suite #900, Houston, TX 77027

HOK is a globally renowned architect highly determined to inspire clients through imaginative designs and competitive prices. With its collective knowledge base, expertise, and work background headed and guided by its principal member, Jay Tatum, AIA, LEED AP, the firm acts as a pioneer that embodies fine architecture. What separates the firm from its peers is its tremendous team size, consisting of over 1,600 dedicated employees and over two dozen offices.

Jay Tatum is the head of the firm with over three decades of career background. His previous positions include being a project director, manager, and architect for other companies. This variety in experience enables him to manage his firm and its operations efficiently. Aside from his AIA and LEED AP accreditations, he has also earned memberships in organizations such as Preservation Houston, the Greater Houston Partnership, and the Houston First Corporation.

Project by HOK

Phillips 66 Headquarters is a LEED-NC Platinum award winner situated within one of Houston’s dynamic districts. This project beautifully blends the office space with the surrounding outdoor environment for a natural, relaxing atmosphere. Further strengthening this love for nature is the employed energy-efficient and sustainable practice that developed the building. Amenities include conference centers, training and fitness centers, and a vast event space for formal events. The devised floor plan is flexible and could easily be changed for future endeavors and convenience.


5151 San Felipe Street, Suite #1700, Houston, TX 77056

Goree is a long-lasting pioneer of automotive facility design whose expertise is matched only by its devotion to bettering itself—it believes that its reputation as a leading brand is a significant component of its identity. When the firm was founded, it was simply an architectural firm that tended to the fundamental problems and needs of clients. Since then, the firm has expanded into a national architect with an intensive knowledge of various practices, techniques, styles, and projects that span various market sectors. It is a client-driven firm that exemplifies the fruit of over five decades of hard work and development.

During its 58 years in the business, the firm has earned several certifications including the AIA, USGBC Texas Gulf Coast, LEED, and the Automobile Dealers Association. It has also been backed by publications such as the Houston Business Journal, Associated Construction Publications, and the Daily Advent.

Project by Goree

Featured is PON Office & Vehicle Storage, a project that is under the firm’s primary specialty — automotive facilities. The firm based the design on its client’s other facility in Amsterdam. This challenge included applying modern themes and touches that matched the Amsterdam office space. The themes were represented in the choice of materials, furniture, and fixtures, as well as the color combinations that represented a neutral and natural atmosphere that removes stress in the workplace. The project includes two stories that make up the headquarters, indoor storage for items and vehicles, and additional amenities for mobility services, which are included in the scope of the client’s work.

Dillon Kyle Architects

1500 West Alabama Street, Houston, TX 77006

For Dillon Kyle Architects, trusted and meaningful collaborations with its clients are the bedrock that establishes its effective services. The firm works closely with its clients to actualize their visualized space, whatever that may function. Homes, offices, retail, and other various projects are all under the scope of Dillon Kyle Architects’ capabilities. It offers fresh designs unique to each space and client.

Dillon Kyle, AIA, is the principal architect of the firm. He graduated from both Harvard University Graduate School of Design and Princeton University, where he obtained his Master of Architecture and Bachelor of Architecture degrees, respectively. Afterward, he decided to pursue his passion for architecture, founding his firm, Dillon Kyle Architects, where he serves as a pillar that guides the firm to success. He also provides several years’ worth of experience and knowledge in managing projects.

Project by Dillon Kyle Architects

The featured project is DKA Studio, the firm’s own office space that fosters the creativity and performance of its users — its own team of enthusiastic staff. The office’s frame is shaped like an inverted, vertical L to provide a dedicated spot for parking spaces and an innovative style for the interior and exterior themes. Artistic features—such as abstract designs and graphic details—were applied in the studio to reflect the museum and art galleries located within the neighborhood. It has several floors, including conference areas, a design studio, and relaxing portions within the office for users to enjoy.